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Know These Life Hacks to Make College Life Easier

College life can be tough to deal, mainly if you want to excel both socially and academically. Good social life can bring you connections that will give you a lot of benefits for your career later. Information about the job opportunity, internship and scholarship are better sorted out from personal accounts than the written forms because people tend to be more honest when they talk. But on the other hand, academic record is the solid acknowledgment of your skill and capability, which is also crucial for your professional career.

The solution is that you should live your college life cleverly. Do not be busy at the wrong place. Here are some college life hacks to make your time college more enjoyable.

Record the lecture

recording deviceAsk for your lecturer’s permission to record during his/her class. The audio file can help you to learn subconsciously by listening to it in your spare time.

Listening to lectures from the recorded file do not restrict your movement and make it possible for you to learn while jogging, driving, riding a bike, and waiting for the subway. Besides, you no longer need to bring all the heavy books anymore. You can get knowledgeable without necessarily look like a nerd.

Use the digital technology

There are apps like iTunes U, Udacity, and Google Chrome Books. Be agile with that technology and use it to your advantage.

e-learningHowever, some people might not be accustomed to reading digital files. They prefer touching the piece of paper from the real book and claim that it can affect their learning quality. But if you are not one of them, consider your ability as a gift. Do not hesitate to use your phone as your library.

Besides, looking at your phone is now more acceptable than reading a book. Imagine you have a party in the club, and suddenly your mind wants to recall information from last week lecture; bringing a book is entirely improper and impractical in such situation. By your using the most of your phone, you can keep track of your learning and search for the subject anywhere anytime. You can be a nerd in disguise.

Employ a writing service

WritingThe key to writing a good essay is to keep the content relevant to the current issues. And working alone to get that information, and to synthesize the ideas without committing plagiarism, are all exhausting and time-consuming labor.

The hack to that problem is that you can consider hiring a writing service. There are many services available on the Internet of which the writing ranges from informal to formal contexts. If you want to employ any, look for the trusted custom paper writing. It is usually not expensive to order one academic article. Order one just to evaluate the quality. And if you think the service is credible enough, order at least five essays.

Do not directly submit the essay you have ordered. No matter how authentic it seems, it is still other people’s work. Read through them, and synthesize the ideas. Check some of the details on your ordered paper and see if they are valid, and if they are, you already get all the details you need for your essay. It is a hack without cheating.…