You have managed to get an interview for that position you wanted at the company you wanted to work for. But do not celebrate just yet. Getting your foot in the door is not enough, you need to make the right impressions when you go for the interview. From making eye contact with the manager that is hiring to wearing the right clothes. Here are some tips that can help you increase your chances dramatically and help you get the job.

Know your resume well

It is important that you know your CV well as a candidate. In most job interviews if not all, anything on your CV could be probed. The responsibility of convincing the interviewer that you can do the job is yours. Speak intelligently about each position you previously had and their relation to the interviewing role to give the employer comfort and confidence that you are the person they require.cvrightahsdjfkglpoewirujh

Display your skills by giving examples

The interviewer would like to know that you are hardworking, but unless you prove it, it is quite difficult to believe you. Instead of just saying, you can tell a story of how hardworking you were. Illustrate it using a great example to explain in detail. For example, I am very reliable, or I have not had a sick day in twenty years.

Ask questions and the next step

Have 2 or 3 questions to ask the interviewers at the end, perhaps the company vision, upcoming projects or what makes their company great to work for. Unless they ask you, avoid questions like starting and finishing times, money, or how many hours. Always remember to ask questions that will give you a better understanding of whether the company is what you are looking for. End the interview by asking them what the next step is and a declaration of how interested you are on the opportunity. Show it if you want it.

Research the interviewing company

researchsafgdhfjksadfStudying the company and its current activities is one of the best ways of nailing your job interview. Knowing their key clients and the projects they have will help you tailor answers specific to the needs of their business. Also, this will show the interviewer that you have completed your homework and that you are genuinely interested in a company and the position. Know a minimum of three great examples of the company such as the directors of the company, the year it was founded, and the vision of the company.

Nail your interview and secure the job by following these tips.