What to know about medical coder

There many profession and job that you might don’t know just yet and medical coder might be one of it. We are only aware of doctors, nurses, and administrator when it comes to the job in a hospital. Here are the things that you need to know about medical coder and why you should consider it.

What is a medical coder

A hospital work in a complicated way. From the perspective of the society, we go there to check on our health, make us healthier, and they do what it takes to achieve that whether it’s giving us medicine, treatment, or surgery. But to make the whole procedure work, there are more than what our eyes see. A person will have something called medical record which required administration process and data management, not to mention the process of recording what the doctor diagnosis is and to prescribing the medicine. All of this process needs what is called medical coding. And the medical coder is the person behind all the paperwork to ensure you have the right medical billing while making sure that it’s what the insurance company needed for you to claim the bill.

What do they do

vbhju7654To put it simply, a medical coder is the one who is responsible for assigning codes and numbers to your medical activities and records. Then they will be checking it all to review and make sure that the numbers resemble all of your histories including any laboratory test, doctor’s notes, and any other services that you receive in the hospital. Their work is done to make sure that your insurance claim won’t be denied.

What does it take to be a medical coder

If you are interested and want to be one, you don’t have to have a bachelor degree to do this. You only need your high school diploma and a CMC certification or certified medical coders certification. Before you get certified, you will learn about terminology regarding medical terms, anatomy, pharmacology, and diseases. Then you will learn about the coding system to eventually perform the coding task.

Why you should be one

fvbjkiu765Where do I to start to explain how having a career in the medical field is a great thing. You already probably know that this industry is a never dying one because there is always a need for a hospital. Because it has one of the most consistent growth in demand for jobs related to the hospital, it is safe to say that if you take this path, you will have a good future. In fact, right now there is a lot of demand for a medical coder.